Instrument Insurance for Amateurs & Professionals

At AIS, we specialise solely in musical equipment and instruments

From DJ equipment insurance to coverage for a grand piano, we can deliver you with the music equipment insurance policy you need to protect your investment. Whether you’re a professional performer or a part time enthusiast, our range of instrument insurance options will provide you with comprehensive protection. From accidental damage to theft, our musical instrument insurance policies are watertight.

Provided by Lloyd’s, our policies for equipment and musical instrument insurance and protection can offer you coverage for the following:

  • Classical instruments – piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone
  • Band equipment – guitar, drums, keyboards, bass, guitar
  • DJ equipment insurance
  • Electronic equipment, inc. PA systems, microphones, laptops, leads & cables
  • Choir or orchestral equipment
  • Personal collections

Insurance for musical instruments is an essential part of protecting your investment; accidents can and do happen, so it’s worth your while finding the best music equipment insurance for you – we have a diverse range of musician insurance policies to suit.

Contact AIS today or fill out an online enquiry form to find out how our extensive musical instrument insurance coverage can protect you and your equipment.

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