Music Instrument Insurance

In short, everything. If you can play it, we’ll insure it – everything from keyboards and guitars, to cellos and violas, DJ decks, amplifiers, speakers, pianos, and much more. We cover your instrument in transit with comprehensive musical instrument travel insurance and we cater to producers by providing music studio insurance.

Accidental damage, loss, theft. At AIS, we’ve seen it all. Accidents can happen, so having watertight music instrument insurance policy that protects you and your priceless investment from financial misfortune is essential. See below for a full description of the instrument and music studio insurance coverage we offer:

Guitar Insurance to Violin Insurance – What Do We Cover?

What We Cover Classical Instruments Australia & New Zealand wide Studio Only
Fire, burglary, storm damage, earthquake YES YES YES
Theft from location YES YES N/A
Theft from locked vehicles following forced entry YES YES N/A
Accidental loss & damage to equipment YES YES YES
Transit loss & damage YES YES N/A
New for Old replacement regardless of age of equipment (limited to the sum insured) YES YES YES
Emergency hire of equipment
(Up to 30% of the sum insured)
Cover for hired or loaned equipment
(up to $2,000)
New equipment automatically covered
(up to 10% of the total sum insured)
No claim discounts applied to premiums YES YES YES

* Worldwide coverage excludes all countries on the “Do Not Travel” and “Reconsider Your Need to Travel” lists as detailed by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Travel website:

** Subject to the Musical Instrument Policy Wording

Note: This foregoing is only a brief summary of the cover and you are advised to read the Policy Document closely for full details. The Policy Document is available for inspection upon request or from our website Cover will not attach until the application is accepted and premium paid.

From violin insurance to electric guitar insurance, and even music instrument travel insurance, we can help. You can choose the limit and insurance amount from our range of options, each designed to suit you and your individual needs. We’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure that your music instrument insurance is the best solution for you.

It pays to insure your investments. Speak with the team at AIS today for the most comprehensive musical instrument insurance Australia wide.