Insurance For Musicians, DJs, Music Teachers, Bands and More

Our goal at AIS is to deliver you with comprehensive coverage that protects you against the damage or theft of your beloved instrument, with a range of musician insurance solutions available for anyone involved in the industry

From music teacher insurance to insurance for musicians and DJs, our service is suitable for amateur’s right through to professional musicians, and we provide insurance for musicians of any kind.

We extend our coverage to the following:

  • Musicians
  • Retailers
  • Music Teachers
  • Orchestras
  • Studio Producers
  • Instrument Repairers
  • DJs
  • Musical Societies
  • Young Musicians & Students
  • Bands
  • Buskers

So if you’re a season professional playing in venues all over the world, an instructor in need of music teacher insurance, or a budding musician that’s just bought their first guitar, we can help. Our musician insurance policies are designed to cover anyone involved in the industry at any level, so contact us today and find the best music instrument insurance cover for you.